Sunday, May 1, 2016

April 18, 2016

Week 9: Alma 37:36-37

Well, another week has flown by! It didn't feel like it at the time, but every Monday I feel like an entire month has passed by. 

Anyway, I invited 3 people to be baptized this week and they all said yes, but we don't have any of them on date yet. One of them is this kid that  we have literally been trying to meet with for like 2 months; trying to contact him is nearly impossible. He'll meet with us once, and then miss our next appointment, and won't answer any of our calls or texts and it's just really frustrating! so hopefully he'll show up to our next lesson on Tuesday. We asked him to pray about a baptismal date, and if he didn't, we're gonna set one for him (via inspiration from the Spirit, naturally). The next person we invited to be baptized is Abby, the super Christian I mentioned in my last email. Our lesson with her was pretty awesome, and she said yes to our invitation, but she also is kinda iffy on whether or not Christ's church needed to be restored. She thinks as long as people are worshiping God, then they'll be saved--it doesn't matter what church they're in. Baptism and all that is not needed. So I'm just like, then why did Jesus Christ get baptized???? hopefully we'll be able to help her see why baptism is so important. Our third investigator is pretty in, he already believes that the Church is true, but he's not totally 100% committed to baptism because he wants to be sure that this is the "right path" for him. Excuse me, sir, so you want eternal life?! THEN YES IT'S THE RIGHT PATH FOR YOU!!! Some people just make zero sense to me. So those are our three investigators!

We also (FINALLY!!!!!!!) met Braulio yesterday, who we've been trying to meet since day 1 in the field. He is pretty awesome. He's a Jehovah's witness, but not very active. He's been going through a lot of trials since he graduated high school, so he really started turning to God. He said he'd like to meet with us and learn more, but it's really hard for him at the same time because he feels like by investigating another church he's betraying his church or failing in some way. For pretty much the first time on my mission I really felt Heavenly Father's love for someone else. It's kinda hard not to in those situations, when the grown man you're talking to has literal tears in his eyes!!!

So that's about the highlights of our week. Oh! Almost forgot! I met my first polygamist family! Well technically they're ex-polygamists, but I'm still counting it. They're super nice. Interesting, for sure, but nice. 

This month we did a mission wide fast for miracles and I'm really starting to see the blessings from that. We have a lot of lessons fall through sometimes, but it seems like every time that happens we find someone new to teach. So that's awesome!!! Fasting really works!!! And praying...we've been praying A LOT for miracles.

I'm kinda annoyed that it took me going on my mission to figure all this out. The Gospel truly is a beautiful thing. And it's really the simple things that helps us keep going. CPR! Church, Prayer, Reading the Scriptures! When we're facing the Lord, all of our trials are behind us. 

So that's about it! I'm probably forgetting something, but oh well! Talk to y'all next week!

Sister Wainwright

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